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Our mission

The DRAM₂O Team strongly believe that good Scotch whisky doesn’t have to be a stereotype only enjoyed by one consumer group; it can be so much more.  Our alternative vision encapsulates everything that makes Scotch whisky great, bringing a contemporary twist to a traditional story.  We firmly believe that the journey is as important as the experience, where defining a beaten path is more important than just following one.

We challenge traditions

Our Scotch whisky and associated products capture our passion and pride within our heritage, allowing us to target our objectives with clarity and precision.

DRAM₂O is a specifically formed company charged with producing premium Scotch whisky and alcoholic drinks, from Blended whisky to 18 year old single cask private label, to Scotch whisky cocktail drinks. Broadly speaking, our aim is geared towards every type of consumer; starting with the new drinkers beginning their whisky experience with a sweet, mellow premium blend, moving through to the experience connoisseur requiring a more specific region, taste and aroma in their whisky, which our 18 year old cask strength whisky fulfills, and finally leading onto the new age alocho-mix drinks consumed by all genres with no demographic boundaries, where our whisky cocktail products have high demand, especially in export markets and sunny climates.

DRAM₂O is poised to take advantage of the exclusive and ever expanding market place within Scotch whisky industry, where our ultimate objective is to have our whisky in every market place around the world, allowing consumers to enjoy and experience wherever they are.

Target Audience
  • Asia 
  • UK & Europe
  • North America
Our Specialties
  • Producing premium Scotch whisky 
  • Changing the perception of Scotch whisky
  • Creating new experiences with Scotch whisky 
Featured In
  • Aldi 
  • Emma’s Corner 
  • Dram Bar 


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Orach Whisky drink 1 SA : Various shots of Business members and staff for the launch of Orach a whisky cocktail bottled drink.

Picture by Stewart Attwood
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May 26, 2016

“Glasgow whisky firm targets younger drinkers with ready-to-drink cocktail”

GLASGOW drinks firm Dram2o has launched a new whisky cocktail to appeal to non-whisky drinkers. The…
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